Tooth Reshaping Can Help Restore Your Smile

Tooth reshaping is a dental procedure that involves a dental professional altering the shape of one or more teeth. It is most commonly used in situations such as a tooth that is slightly longer or misshapen. Having a tooth that is longer than neighboring teeth can cause discomfort in chewing or biting. Tooth reshaping is used for cosmetic purposes as well. For example, shortening a tooth that appears to be uneven. It can even reshape teeth that may be crooked or misshapen.

If you are considering tooth reshaping, you should contact Jeffrey W. Cross, D.D.S., F,A,G,D at (301) 662-0300. Dr. Cross has an extensive background in tooth reshaping, and he is more than willing to spend some time with you discussing your case. He’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Read on for more information about tooth reshaping process.

Tooth Reshaping Steps

Dr. Cross will begin by examining your teeth. He’ll look for telltale signs of wear and tear, particularly in the areas where your teeth come together. These regions are ideal candidates for tooth reshaping because they show visible signs of wear and tear.

After that, Dr. Cross will x-ray the areas in need of tooth reshaping. He’ll use the x-ray equipment to look beneath the enamel of each tooth in question and find out where the soft, sensitive tissue known as the pulp is in each one.

The Beginning of the Tooth Reshaping Process

Dr. Cross will carefully use a specific laser or specialized dentist drill to remove just enough enamel to shape the tooth into the form he desires using x-rays of your teeth as a guide. Teeth reshaping does necessitate the removal of extra tooth substance but rest confident that Dr. Cross is an expert in his field and that he will take all feasible precautions to minimize any discomfort for you.

After the tooth reshaping procedure is finished, Dr. Cross will polish the teeth that were altered with great care. The entire process, from start to finish, can take as little as 30 minutes per tooth; however, the time it takes for your teeth to be reshaped will obviously be determined by the amount of work that is required in your case.

Tooth Reshaping Followed by Bonding

Dr. Cross may utilize the tooth reshaping technique in conjunction with bonding, depending on your teeth’s condition. Dr. Cross will use a unique dental resin that has the consistency of putty to fill your cavities using bonding.

The bonding adheres to the teeth on its own; however, it may be necessary to lightly etch your teeth’s surface in order to help it adhere. Dr. Cross may apply a dental liquid that is specifically designed to enhance the adhesion of the bonding to your teeth in certain situations; he will paint your teeth with this liquid before applying the bonding.

When the tooth reshaping process creates some gaps or other unsightly regions on your teeth, bonding is typically utilized. A special light is used to shape and harden the bonding compound after it has been applied to your teeth. It closely resembles your natural tooth, however it isn’t as strong or as long-lasting as your natural teeth or other dental constructions.

Tooth Reshaping Can Be a Temporary or a Permanent Solution

Of course, every mouth is unique, and each person’s circumstances are different, yet re-contouring of teeth is a long-term solution to many dental concerns. If your top teeth are slightly too long, they can easily be trimmed without causing any damage to the rest of your tooth structure.

Your teeth, on the other hand, endure a significant amount of wear and tear throughout regular use, and you may discover that tooth contouring is only a short-term fix on the road to enduring solutions such as dental implants, crowns, or veneers.

If you are wondering whether tooth reshaping is for you, call Jeffrey Cross, D.D.S., F.A.G.D at (301) 662-0300. Set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Cross about the procedure. While learning basic information via the Internet is a good start, bear in mind that your unique situation must be addressed before you choose the best approach for you.

Dr. Cross is eager to discuss the procedure with you further. Furthermore, he wants to make sure that you are well-informed about the best way to proceed and will ensure that you have all of the information you require to make an informed decision. He won’t be satisfied until you are, therefore please contact us immediately to schedule your appointment.

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